• “The fundamental essence of my responsibility is to manage supplies for all Shelby County Public School facilities. Also to support, train and manage all custodians for safe and clean facilities”


    Troy Hood

    Warehouse/ Custodial Manager


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    Custodial Supervisors

    Glenda Beckham - Simpsonville Elementary- Glenda.Beckham@shelby.kyschools.us

    David Davidson - Martha Lane Collins High School- David.Davidson@shelby.kyschools.us

    Greg Hunter - West Middle School- Greg.Hunter@shelby.kyschools.us

    Brenda Quint - Painted Stone Elementary- Brenda.Quint@shelby.kyschools.us

    Tim Perry - Clear Creek Elementary- Tim.Perry@shelby.kyschools.us

    Raymond Durham - Wright Elementary- John.Goodman@shelby.kyschools.us

    Linda Richardson - East Middle School-   Linda.Richardson@shelby.kyschools.us

    Contact Troy Hood -  Shelby County High School - Troy.Hood@shelby.kyschools.us

    Contact Troy Hood - Area Technology Center -- Troy.Hood@shelby.kyschools.us

    Joe Williams - Heritage Elementary – Joe.Williams@shelby.kyschools.us

    Billy Ray - Big Picture - William.Ray@shelby.kyschools.us